In the year 2009, our Madrasa was started in a small rented shop where youngsters were taught Noorani Qaida and Quran in morning and evening sessions. Nearly 10 to 12 students joined and started to read Quran and refer Islamic books. Huffaz of our locality would use to come and refer Arabic books from our library. A year passed like this.

Alhamdulilah as the Madrasa progressed, we felt uncomfortable in shop due to the small space so we shifted to a rented house nearby. The same courses followed in the house too.

We thrice got chance to participate in Deeniyat Upbringing Camp but nothing worked out satisfactory. In this to and fro, a consultation was held in 2010 at Eidgah Mosque which resulted in opening a regular class for Adults. A speech was delivered by Venerable Mufti Abu Bakr Sahib Qasmi DB enlightening the importance of Education for Adults. A Maktab after Isha came in to existence in Madrasa-e-Mohammadiya which is located next to Eidgah Mosque.It was named as Madrasa-e-Imdadiya in the memory of Hazrat Aqdas Imdadullah Muhajire Makki RA. Alhamdulillah madrasa started to progress day by day.

Later a group of Ulema were sent to Banglore Markaz Sultan Sha to comprehend the pratical methods of Deeniyat teaching conducted by Ahem trust, Mumbai. Got chance to visit Madrasa Umar bin Kattab, which was an ideal Deeniyat Maktab. Alhamdulilah everyone praised its victory and took a firm decision to establish this type of Maktabs in their locality.

We started the Deeniyat Maktabs with their given Syllabus, as per their guidance we included Fees, Uniforms etc., With just two students, we started our journey. Alhamdulilah as the days passed a large number of students joined Deeniyat Maktab. This led to shortage of Space.

By the grace of Almighty, a sagacious personality named Janab Haji Aqheel Ahmed Sb took personal interest and built a spacious hall for madrasa in his place and lent for a minimal rent. On 26th January 2011, Alhamdulilah our Madrasa had 40 Classes. Started from Deeniyat Maktab included Hifz Course for Men and Women, Tajweed Course for Blinds, Nazira course for Youngsters, Upbringing course for Muallims, Tasheeh Course came in to existence.

Now Alhamdulilah, we have 14 branches in Melvisharam where totally 350 students are in our Deeniyat Class, 12 women and 20 Men in Hifz Course, 3 Blind Students in Tajweed Course.

Nearly 40 blind students from Tamilnadu and others state have contact with our Madrasa who are pursuing their studies in Schools and Colleges. More than 100 Ulema joined our one day Deeniyat camp and learnt the methods of organising Deeniyat maktabs. Under our Madrasa 5 Schools have added Deeniyat in their Curriculum. Apart from Melvisharam, we are running 12 Deeniyat Maktabs nearby.

Many Great Scholars have visited our Madrasa and bestowed us with their blessings in which Hazrat Moulana Syed Talha Sahib Naqshbandi DB, Hazrat Moulana Salahuddin Saifi Sahib Naqshbandi DB, Hazrat Moulana Mufti Shakeel Ahmed Sahib Naqshbandi DB, Hazrat Moulana Syed Mohammed Salman Sahib Mansoorpuri DB, Hazrat Mufti Umar Sahib Jonpuri, Janab Rafeeque sahib Doodhwala, Hazrat Moulana Iqbal Ahmed Sahib Qasmi DB, Hazrat Mufti Abul Hasan Sahib Qasmi DB, Hazrat Moulana Riyaz Ahmed Sahib Imam Markaz Sultan Sha Banglore, Hazrat Aqdas Moulana Mohammed Tayyub Sahib DB (Blind) Caliph of Sheikul Islam Hazrat Hussain Ahmed Madni RA etc.,

May Allah progress our Madrasa and protect from Evil eye, Jealousy, Malicious, envy and hatred peoples and make our Madrasa a fort of Islam. May Allah bless his mercy over the Teachers, Students, Management and every person involved in this effort and led us to attain his proximity. (Aameen).