Islam is a complete code of life. It guides everyone at every turn of life with its unmatchable golden teachings. Our great venerable Scholar Dr. Nadir Ali Khan Sb (May his shadow be upon us) use to say that practicing islam is easier  than riding  a bicycle. A man without hands can’t ride bicycle but he can practice Islam, man without legs can’t ride bicycle but he can practice Islam, man without eyesight can’t ride bicycle but he can practice Islam.

As there are many institutions and organizations working for the rehabilitation of blind students but there was a great need of Madrasa which would specially cater the disabled students.

It is unfortunate that there is not even a single Madrasa for the Blind but there are many Blind Schools in South India.

With much optimistic spirit and the support of dedicated parents we took a challenge and established a Special Class for Blind. By the virtue of our daring noble personalities Alhamdulilah classes for blind students came in to being.  Reading, memorizing, illustrations and melodious recitations of the Holy Quran is taught in our Madrasa with the help of Braille Language. We impart educational and vocational training to the blind children and we have paved way for the blinds to learn Islam as the sighted one.

In our Madrasa we taught the following:

  1. Arabic, Urdu, English and Tamil Languages by Braille Method.
  2. To Read Quran with Tajweed. (Rules)
  3. The way to offer Namaz and making memorized a few Surah of Quran
  4. Basic Tenants of Islam
  5. Rules pertaining Wazu, Ghusl and Namaz
  6. Orientation & Mobility Training.
  7. Moral Conduct.
  8. Stenography in Braille script
  9. Dawah Course.


       Apart from studies, we provide awareness of nature as well as knowledge of subsistence living.