Land Purchase, Madrasa for the Blind

For the Protection of the visually challenged (blind) Students, for the empowerment their Emaan (Faith) and for the provision of thier education and hostel facilities.

  “A Plan for the purchase of a land for this noble couse”.

         There are one crore ten lakh visually challenged people in our Country, and thirty lakh Muslim are on amongst them in the course of ten year’s effort only 500 or 600 Visually challenged (blind) Students are involved in getting religious education, in the entire Tamilnadu there are 55 special schools managed by the christians and 12 Special schools run by  he state government. almost all visually challenged Muslim boys & girls are studying in these schools where they are provided with all sorts of aids because of these facilities many have left Islam, In Tamilnadu Bible is printed in the Braille Alphabet at five christian centers for free distribution, In entire India Muslims do not have a single publishing center for printing religious books in the Braille Alphabets.

        Praise be to Almightly Allah, Madrasa-e-Imdadiya, Melvisharam, Vellore Dist, Tamil nadu has to its credit for having 70 visually challenged (blind) students attached to it. Presently 11 such students are studying Deeniyat, Nazira, Hifz e-Quran-e-Majeed & Aalim courses through the Braille method. Simultaneously they are also studying school subjects.
           At present the Madrasa is housed in a rented building with asbetos sheet as its roof, this causes much troubles to the students during summer, winter and rainy seasons. Hence with advice of the members of the Madrasa and good wishes of the ulama, it has been decided to purchase a land for the permanent use of the madrasa

1 sq ft is valued at Rs 500/=
In our town, Melvisharam adjacent to Then Nandiyalam (Hidayath Nagar)
in a land with an area of 22700 sqft is available for sale,

            Each individual (brother/sister) can contribute at least Rs 500/= towards the purchase of one square foot and contribution can also be in the name of deceased relatives for their Esaal e Sawab & thus spiritually get benefitted
with the sayings of these Hadees:
            Translation : He who guides a blind person upto a distance of 40 feet, he will get an abode in Heaven and moreover all his previous sins will be forgiven (2) Another narration. “He who leads a blind person to a place of
safety his forty major sins will be forgiven which undoubtedly make a sinner liable to go to Hell.

              We request you to pay a visit to our madrasa or send a reliable person so as to ascertain the types of education imparted to the blind students of our school. Then take a decision, “what you can do for this noble cause you can also visit our web site :





CURRENT ACCOUNT NO : 35612371063

Melvisharam Branch Code : 3783

IFSC Code : SBIN0003783





Melvisharam Branch Code : 1312

IFSC Code : IDIB000M139


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